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What Mums are Saying

"Working part-time and running around to various after school activities and commitments it’s hard to find time to communicate effectively with our kids. We now have a new, valuable way to discover what’s happening in everyone’s lives that fits in with our busy lifestyle." - Joanne, NSW


“..My 9 and 11 year-olds just love the creative ways Wise Talk for Families has taught them to communicate and express themselves. It has enhanced our time spent together!" - Natalie, NSW


“My kids love this! They pull the box out every day and I see their ability to concentrate. Their communication skills have increased dramatically! What a wonderful product – an inspired concept from which all families would benefit! - Petra, VIC


"When experts tell us that families should all talk more around the dinner table – they don’t actually say how! The great benefit of Wise Talk is that everyone has their turn to select the token – and there is an instant topic of conversation. It directs our talk, and it’s amazing how quickly the children have engaged in the whole idea and look forward to it each night"  - Jennifer, VIC

"What a wonderful concept! Even though the kids and I talk every day about everything – Wise Talk for Families offered us a new and innovative way of communicating. Our family and individual discussions are now on a much deeper level and our children feel that we are really listening to what they have to say!" - Kathy, NSW

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