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What Leaders are Saying

“I invited Heather to visit my classroom recently and I was so impressed with her presentation and the impact it had on my students. The students played the game, Wise Talk for Families, and it was amazing how it opened them up to share and own their own feelings. For teenagers, this was a small miracle! I can see many wonderful hours of sharing and bonding in your family using these tools. Thank you for creating something that will truly make a difference.” -Sue Fullmer Family & Consumer Science Child Development

"It is really impressive, and I believe that when parents use it, it can change the way they interact with their children forever, in a very impactful way!" -Alice Strauss Founder of Yogatsu Institute®

"I love the way that you have managed to squeeze all your inspiration, knowledge, love and respect for a child's spiritual growth into smalls coin that can be the difference between a child growing up to know who and what they really are, or growing up knowing that they interact with the world only through a persona of protection that they do not know how to transcend. You will be the difference between a child living in their own light, or a child just surviving in their own shadow." -Olivia Lashley Co-Host "My Life My Choice" Talkshow London, United Kingdom

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