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Beaut beetroot hummus

Beaut Beetroot Hummus

This beaut beetroot hummus is an easy twist on Cenovis's heavenly hummus and with an extra serve of veggies it’s a great way to ensure the kids are getting important vitamins and minerals they need

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Breakfast - The Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook

This is a comprehensive cookbook for people with diabetes and for those who want a healthy, appetising guide to simple and innovative cooking. It contains essential health, lifestyle and dietary advice...

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Breakfast, why does it matter?

In the rush of getting ready for school, it’s all too easy to skimp on eating breakfast and preparing lunch. Yet studies on school children have shown...

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Chocolate beetroot cake

Cenovis Kids Recipe Collection

Cenovis has developed a Kids Recipe Collection packed with nutritious, fun and tasty recipes for children.  Specifically designed to boost children's intake of important vitamins and minerals, there are 18 recipes including snacks, smoothies, meals, sides and desserts.

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Ice cream small

Christmas candy cane ice-cream

Children will really enjoy making (and eating!) this super-easy Christmas treat  Ingredients 2 litres vanilla ice-cream 8 candy canes 1 pkt chocolate ripple biscuits OR 1 cup choc-bits Put a 2 litre metal container in the freezer until ready to use. Take the ice-cream out of the freezer and place in the fridge for about

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Cinnamon banana oat bars

Cinnamon, Banana & Oat Bars

We all want the best for our children, including quality, nutritious food. But it can be hard to find child-friendly recipes that deliver on taste as well as wholesome nutrition. Enter the Bellamy's Organic FREE recipe eBook "Nutrient-Rich Recipes And Snacks For Your Child”.  Including nutritional recipes, food tips, cooking suggestions and nutrition advice, it follows

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Eat smart, play smart

According to the most recent available statistics available from the ABS, over 15 percent of Australia’s school children aged 5 -11 years now attend Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)...

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Family friendly food - Mexican

On Christmas Eve last year, amidst the wrapping, cooking, carols and cocktails, I received a phone call from a radio big-wig.  He asked me whether I ever did ‘private chef’ work.  Unfortunately, the entrepreneur...

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Family friendly food - Winter

When it’s the middle of a cold winter, there is no better meal to feed a growing family than Mum’s Roast Lamb. And for afters, the dessert classic Lemon Delicious – a healthy balanced meal that will satisfy...

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Family friendly food – Summer

Summer is around the corner and so are all the sweet fruits of summer – peaches and nectarines, berries of every variety, melons, mangos and pineapples. And just about any cut of pork is a natural...

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