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Sport & safety


Poison prevention

In 2005 the Victorian Poison Information Centre received an average of 107 calls per day. The vast majority (60%) were about accidental exposure to poisons in children under 16...

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Ski safe

Skiing is a fantastic active holiday that the whole family can enjoy together and children from as young as three can very quickly become competent skiers.Snowsafe, an organisation of snow resorts, ski lift companies and govt departments...

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Sunglasses and children

As we head into summer, it’s time to restock the sunscreen and unearth hats for the playground. A study conducted by the Prince of Wales Hospital in Summer 2006, using a new method of UV photography ...

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Swimming Pool Quality

What you should know about pools and poos this summer! Local councils are vigilant in maintaining high levels of pool hygiene, especially during the warm summer months and...

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Swim australia kids-small

The Dream Team of the future?

Swim lessons are a year-round activity with many benefits.

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Treadmill Safety

In the four years to 2008, 52 children have been treated at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for injuries caused by treadmills, with 25 children admitted for treadmill friction burns in the 12 months...

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Water safe kids

It's high Summer and we feature here two timely water safety campaigns to keep Aussie kids safe.

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Watering your children

Fluid is often the forgotten nutrient. Dietitians and nutritionists frequently talk about the best foods for children to eat for growth, development and good health. But what are the best fluids? How much do children need?...

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