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Sport & safety

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5 free workout moves

that you can do with your children anywhere, any time.

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5 Safe Jumping Tips to Reduce Trampoline Injury

Any outdoor activity has its risks, and jumping on a trampoline is no different.

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Are they safely buckled in?

A new safety device alerts parents to unbuckled seatbelts.

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Button battery safety

Lithium or button batteries pose a significant threat to young children.

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Cyber safety

It’s a connected world. Australia is well known as a nation of early adopters when it comes to communication gadgets and tools, and recent research by Telstra with 1250 parents of school aged children confirms this trend...

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Mouth guards

If your child is old enough to start playing contact sport, it’s imperative that their teeth be protected. Data from Monash University’s Accident Research Centre shows that at least 2000 dental injuries were treated in Victorian hospital...

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New safety product

New safety product - the Safe Spot Sticker is designed to show your child where to safely stand when entering or exiting the car. 

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Pane prevention

Are your house windows shatter-proof?

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Physical activity

Our children are learning keyboard control at an increasingly early age, but is their ball control suffering? Times have changed.  Children growing up in the 60s and 70s spent a great deal of their lives outdoors engaged in intensely physical activities...

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Play More, Weigh Less

Think outside the box to encourage kids to be active

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