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First aid


An update on first aid treatments

Summer is on the way and soon kids will be running barefoot and bare-legged across the land. Keep the first aid kit on hand to tend to the inevitable cuts, scrapes and abrasions. For the most part cuts and abrasions are a fact...

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Family first aid

According to Kidsafe, falls, poisoning, scalds, choking and dog bites are the most common causes of hospitalisation for young children and the most common place to be injured is at home.

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Family first aid

 Do you know what to do in the event of a family emergency?

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No more scabs – treating cuts and scrapes

To quote a well known child psychologist, ‘kids do stuff’. And active little people doing stuff are bound to acquire a few cuts, scrapes, bruises and bits that bleed along the way. In fact, some one third of Australian children injure themselves...

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Prescription medicine in schools

By the end of the first week of February, all of the nation’s children are safely back at school and parents knee-deep in the usual paper work that comes home in school back packs...

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Summer survival

The little Aussie Mozzie Mozzies are a fact of life in Australia. They whine in your ear at night, sting with gusto and produce an itch that can send you troppo. If that were not enough, they are also disease carriers...

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What to do when your child gets sick

What to do when your child gets sick (Allen & Unwin) is the essential emergency manual for parents and carers - Associate Professor Paul Middleton, Dr Andrew Ratchford, Dr John Mackenzie, Dr Jason Smith...

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“Summer…the mozzies are bitin’...”

You come inside after a pleasant evening to find legs and arms riddled with itchy, red welts.  Children seem particularly susceptible,

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