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Eyes & ears

Boy glasses

Check your children’s vision

The Optometrists Association of Australia advises that recent research has found that as many as one in four children have some form of vision problem. Up to two-thirds of those children had never received an eye examination...

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Did you hear me?

What should a parent do when they suspect that their child’s hearing is not perfect? Helen Woods outlines how hearing impairment in children is diagnosed. Clear hearing and early diagnosis of hearing impairment is vital when it comes to children ...

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Glue ear

No, your kids haven’t put Clag in their ear - nor is it the name of a television rhythm & blues singer! The condition is named after the thick fluid that collects...

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Ear ache

Otitis Media

A recent report has revealed that more than 7 out of 10 children will have at least one case of middle ear disease (otitis media) by their first birthday...

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Slide on some sunnies

Eye damage among young Australian children is a growing concern

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The eyes have It

Rosie Hoban talks to an ophthalmologist and a behavioural optometrist about common eyesight problems in young children...

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