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Preventative health


Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register records a child’s immunisation history for children under seven years of age and provides an immunisation history statement to their parent or guardian....

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Back-to-school health checklist

While parents have been busy buying new school uniforms, shoes, pencils and back packs; it’s just as important

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Bones and bladders

One of the less happy outcomes of childbearing is that the pelvic floor ain’t what it used to be! Amongst women the problem is more widespread than realised....

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Asthma cropped

Cold weather brings higher risks for kids with asthma

Winter is a tough time for children with asthma

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Everyone benefits from vaccination

Doing research about getting your child vaccinated can be daunting, especially if you’re using the internet. You’re likely to come across websites offering information that includes alarming ‘statistics’ on vaccines.

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Feet first

Feet need to be tough. We walk on them. We jump on them. We run on them. They have to carry all our weight. So how do we make sure that our kids don’t wear theirs....

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From top to toe - a guide to cleaner kids

At some point when you weren’t paying attention, your beautiful baby with his wonderful baby smell morphed into the average grubby toddler, a drop-in centre for any passing germ and their mate...

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Lead and children

Lead is found in many products and places and can affect the health of children and pregnant women...

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Medicine safety

Your medicine cabinet may be making you sick! According to NPS Medicinewise, storing unused or out-of-date medicines...

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Pelvic floor problems

Help is at hand.

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