Heading to hospital

It’s a telephone call that is made several times a week from school to parent – Johnny has hurt himself in the schoolyard scrum. Statistics from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne show approximately 26,000 children are treated there every year.

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On any given day in schools, kindergartens, or indeed anywhere little people gather in numbers, you can count on an outbreak of these pesky critters...

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Hepatitis A warning

Medical experts have urged childcare workers to be aware of and protect themselves against Hepatitis A...

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Keep well this winter

Parents are often made to feel inadequate if they don’t administer some sort of medication to prevent, treat or alleviate their children’s illnesses. Annette Binger asks the experts for their...

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Kids and alcohol don’t mix

As part of its latest campaign DrinkWise Australia has launched a website designed especially to help parents with  facts about alcohol and expert advice about kids...

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Managing eczema

Eczema is a common, recurring, inflammatory skin disease where the skin flares up and becomes dry, red and extremely itchy. Scratching the skin brings some relief...

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Mission t1d 358x142

Mission T1D

A new educational app for children with diabetes.

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Ear ache

Otitis Media

A recent report has revealed that more than 7 out of 10 children will have at least one case of middle ear disease (otitis media) by their first birthday...

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Pain and Fever Medication

There’s nothing more difficult for a parent than seeing your child in pain or discomfort. First instincts are often to reach for pain reliever medicines — also known as ‘analgesics’ - but not all types...

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Rotavirus Gastroenteritis

This is the most common form of gastroenteritis affecting young children under the age of two. Prior to 2007, rotavirus gastroenteritis accounted for 10,000 infant hospitalisations, up to 22,000 emergency department visits and approximately115,000 visits to the GP...

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