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Breathe easy

Do you have a household of snufflers and sneezers, due to allergic rhinitis (aka hay fever)? Or are there diagnosed asthma sufferers in your family? ...

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Intolerance or allergy

Many of us have allergic reactions to food or other substances. These reactions can range from mild to very severe – some are even life-threatening....

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Living with peanut allergy

Just how prevalent is peanut allergy? The tabloids claim as many as 30 Australian children in every 1,000 are at risk of a severe allergic reaction – anaphylaxis, of which peanuts as the trigger top the list...

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Make mine milk

With a vast number of milk choices crowding the supermarket shelves and chiller cabinets, it is no wonder many parents are confused as to what milk type is the right choice for their...

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