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Dad's view - John Weldon


‘Tats’ for the memories

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo - mum, if you’re reading this look away now - but there are a couple of things stopping me from converting thought into action. One, I think my arms are too hairy...

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Dad, that risotto looks disgusting!

‘Dad that looks disgusting! What is it?’ ‘Risotto.’ That exchange was the straw that broke this camel’s back, along with other gems such as, ‘What is that stuff dad?’ said in reference to a, (rather nice...

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On the Wagon

Here’s to alcohol, the solution to, and cause of, all of life’s problems… (with apologies to Homer Simpson) I’ve stopped drinking. My wife the athlete is...

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The olden days

The Olden Days

‘Dad, if you didn’t have DVD players in the olden days, then how did you watch DVDs?’ I love questions like that from my kids.  Actually I love everything about the phrase ‘the olden days’. I used to ask my parents about them too.

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What do I want for my birthday?

Well, yes I do want more of that wonderful stuff the kids make at school.  As I write this, I’m looking at last year’s gifts: a bright blue cardboard tie and a desk tidy made out of an old soup can decorated...

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Where do babies come from?

When our eldest, Rosie, was two, she asked, out of the blue, ‘Where do babies come from?’ My wife and I had discussed what we might do in that situation, thinking...

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‘The Hulk is the strongest because he’s got the yuckiest nipples’

The children are growing up. And they’re losing their kiddie words even without realising it. I’m trying to remember them. The four year-old is obsessed with superheroes, especially the yuckiest...

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