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Dad's view - Bruce Atherton


11. Hang on a second

Our youngest daughter Grace was christened a few weeks ago. The minister struggled to keep a grip on her while pouring water over her head. It was no surprise; Grace is nearly three years old and doesn’t take kindly...

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12. Where are we at with the smack?

The other day I smacked my youngest daughter, Grace. She was wearing a nappy but it still shook her up – and me too. It’s not the first time I’ve smacked Grace but it’s probably the first time I have done so...

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13. All the world’s a stage

Our youngest daughter Grace – nearly four – is going through a bit of a butterfly stage. You only need mention the word butterfly and she will wander away to return a few minutes later in her fairy wings...

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Ode to the billycart

Author Bruce Atherton writes about an 18 year journey to get his first children’s book The Billycart Ride published. In the beginning there was a billycart and a very steep hill...

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