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Dad's view - Bruce Atherton


01. It’s official: Darcey’s a spunk

I’ll spare you the details about the birth except to say there were times when we didn’t know if we were all going to make it. I’ll skip the bit about the doctor’s early diagnosis of Darcey’s mysterious...

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02. A fistful of suds

Something has happened to our little girl. Our demure, blue-eyed Darcey has turned into the thing from the baby room; the thing that will not be thwarted; the thing that must satisfy its every...

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03. Thank god for the flannies

Look, I originally planned to write something mildly hilarious about our dog Cooper. He’s really struggled with the fact that he’s no longer the dominant force in our family but to be honest, he should just get over it...

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04. It’s Time to Strangle a Few People

I know some of you turn to this page for a bit of a light-hearted read, but I’m not feeling all that slapstickish or boom-boomish today. Sorry. As a matter of fact I’m feeling a tad homicidal...

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05. Holy Jupiter! Darcey’s on Saturn 4

Has anyone been on the Tower of Terror at Dreamworld? For those of you who haven’t, it’s a rocket ride that shoots straight up - 38 stories - in...

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06. Warning: car doors are a health hazard

A word of warning about car doors – specifically front-seat car doors. I’m not talking about back-seat car doors because every parent who has ever wrestled a child into the back seat knows how to work the angles...

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07. Dad’s View - Once upon a time

Once upon a time I thought it would be nice to be a Dad but my great dream was to be a famous writer. I planned to win the Nobel Prize for Literature or at the very least share a beer with Tim Winton...

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08. Deranged man or happy as larry?

I’m sitting outside the operating theatre in a pair of white cotton overalls. I’m wearing a red-gauze cap on my head and dust covers on my shoes. The newspaper’s open in front of me...

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09. How’s the serenity?

We've moved. After five years of paved courtyards and truck fumes we've moved to a suburb where the magpies carol and great carpets of grass stretch down the street. It’s only three kilometres from our...

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10. Planes, banes and automobiles

We’re headed for Queensland for a motor home holiday. My wife, Kate, has planned our trip with all the precision of a military operation - and somehow, Kate has packed most of our house into three suitcases...

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