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Back to work after baby

The time has come to look beyond nap times and nappies and consider your return to paid work. How do you navigate through the post-baby job maze and decide what’s best for you and your family...

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Bully Blocking at Work

It is wonderful spending time with your children while they are little but there are probably times when you miss the exciting, challenging world of work...

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Managing the morning rush

“Never regularly do for a child what a child can do for him or herself.” - Maurice Balson. Helping children to develop routine habits of self-management in the mornings may not be the monumental task that it first appears.

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Moving house with children

Our family has a pastime of ‘looking at houses’ – a phrase that, for our children at least, conjures up hideous visions of hours of boredom in the car – each house inspected holding the potential to uproot everything they hold near and dear...

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Paid Parental Leave – what’s new from July 2011

If you are eligible for the Paid Parental Leave scheme, make sure that you talk with your employer about your leave intentions.

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Paid parenting leave - what does this mean for you?

The Australian Government will deliver Australia’s first national Paid Parental Leave scheme from 1 January 2011.

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Pay attention to your super

Why it makes sense to pay more attention to one of your biggest investments outside the family home...

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Personal insurance – you have to have it!

When times are tight, it’s tempting to look at the family budget and zero in on the outgoings that have no immediate obvious benefit – in particular insurance payments...

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Mother reskilling

Reskilling motherhood

The challenges of re-entering the work force. 

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The Australian Family Child Care Awards 2011

And the winner is..!When Angela Hardy stood up to accept the Rising Star Award at the 2011 Australian Family Child Care Awards on April 29 in Sydney...

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