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Mums and sons

Society is quick to judge sole parents, especially women raising boys. But what do boys themselves say? According to the research, boys from a single-parent background were four times more likely to abuse drugs than boys who had two parents at home.

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My best friend

Are you part of a close-knit group of friends? Perhaps your circle is one you’ve belonged to since school or university, or does it centre around your workplace? Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who met their best friend...

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Parenting … do you need a degree?

“You should only have as many kids as car windows”, said Irma Bombeck. Failing that, parenting courses are often the next best option...

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Sex and the kiddy

At the risk of offending my wonderful mother, I have to admit that my sex education was, er, lacking. At the age of 12, I was given a slim pink book with a perky ponytailed girl on the front. It was called You’re a Young Lady Now and gave the bare essentials about periods and pads.

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Child teddy hospital

Special kids

Parenting children is difficult enough. Raising a child with a progressive, life-threatening illness can have a devastating impact on a family.

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Stepping into motherhood

I often wonder how my stepsons will remember me when they are old and grey and reminiscing about their youth. I dream that it will be of a fine upstanding woman who offered them a different perspective on life...

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