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A Conversation with Steve Biddulph

Well –known paediatrician of the sixties, Dr Benjamin Spock, first coined the phrase, ‘parents, you know more than you think you do’. While Spock’s methods were...

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A Father’s Heart - men and pregnancy loss

Paul and Louise * tried for two years to become pregnant. Escalating tension as each month went by finally turned to joy when a test confirmed the long...

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Peter never stops. He fiddles, he tampers, he teases, he demands, he interrupts, he’s impulsive, he’s impatient, he risks, he ransacks, and his school reports are a disaster. Yet despite all this, he loves everybody and never...

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Be-twitched and be-tween

Dear Dr John,I’ve tried to be a with-it nanna but I’m not sure I want to be with what’s happening to our young girls today. My granddaughter, Hannah, is age 10 and in year 5 but has been giving my son...

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Four cups of tea

The biggest change in our playgroup over time is not that our babies have suddenly grown a metre in height or that they’ve morphed into Spidermen. It’s the conversation that’s changed.

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Grand expectations

Grand Expectations

With Australian grandparents providing more care for grandchildren than ever, it’s no surprise they are feeling the crunch. 

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Jacqui taylor conference wide

International Congress for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect 2016

By Jacqui Taylor, Rainbow Station Early Education Centre, Casino, NSWAs National Winner of the 2015 Nestle Nan Toddler Early Childhood Director of the Year in the Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards, Jacqui received a professional development grant which took her all the way to Calgary, Canada. Child protection has always been a passion

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Marte Meo - a tool for best parenting

What is Marte Meo? (from Latin : ‘on one’s own strength’) Marte Meo was devised in Holland by specialist educator Maria Aarts more than twenty years ago. As a form of therapy for babies, children and adolescents it has become the primary form...

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Martyr Mothers

How to take back the power and lose the guilt……

You’ve just tidied your 10-year-olds bedroom, whipped up two batches of cookies for the school fete, bathed the dog, wrestled with sticky paper to cover your teenagers’ school books, and realised you didn’t even stop for lunch today.

Does this sound just a little bit like you?

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Mother’s little helpers

My son Josh was only three when he became a walking thesaurus for the word ‘sleep’. That’s because he heard it said in so many delightful forms – not relating so much to him as to his mother. I’d say:...

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