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Raising kids

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Starting them right

Learning begins at home.

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Super nanny or super meanie?

Have parents really become clueless wimps who allow children to ride roughshod over them and dominate household affairs? Annette Binger polls the parenting experts...

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The discipline dance

Would you send your klutzy colleague to the naughty corner for spilling their coffee again? Or say, ‘Good boy, you can have a biscuit now that you’ve eaten your lunch?’ It sounds ridiculous but adults say and do this to children all the time...

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The Power of Choice

Would you like to get your kids to willingly cooperate? Stop the daily battles?  Teach your kids valuable life skills?...

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The power of pets

At various stages growing up my sisters and I had guinea pigs, ducks, fish, mice, cats and a dog. I’m sure there was a school holiday or two spent minding the classroom rabbit and gerbil too. We witnessed life and death, experienced...

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The secrets of self esteem

Parents want their children to grow up confident, happy and well adjusted – and the secret to that is a healthy self esteem. Leanne really wanted her daughter to have high self esteem. She not only believed it was the most important legacy she could leave her, but Leanne had suffered low self esteem all the way through school . .

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What to expect from long day care

Long day care is not just 'babysitting'.

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Why kids lie

Nobody wants their child to lie but the truth is, just about every kid will tell porkies at some stage or another. So, what are the best and easiest ways to deal with it?    When do they start lying?...

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