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Raising kids

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OT for Children

Occupational therapy for children is about play

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Pets are for life

Tips for families to think about before adopting a pet this Christmas time. 

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Play More, Weigh Less

Think outside the box to encourage kids to be active

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Play New Zealand

Nature play in the early years settings

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Positive psychology in schools

Traditionally, the focus in children’s education has been on academic achievement. With the increased concern surrounding the mental health and wellbeing of today’s youth, a new movement has started to emerge, that of Positive Education. Suzanne Sage looks into this important development for Australian children.

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Reclaim the night

There were three in the bed and the little one said ‘Roll over, roll over’, and mum said ‘Get back in your own bed!’ In your dreams, Mum. It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and the little one is just not budging! So how do you get them to stay put?...

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Revisiting the 2013 Early Education & Care Awards!

Each year Australian Family recognises exemplary Early Years Educators.

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Sibling squabbling

Our 6 year old daughter seems to have got a bit too big for her boots. She’s nearly at the end of her first year at school and has lately adopted what I can only describe as ‘attitude’ – answering back, challenging our authority and ‘getting in the face’ of her 8 year old brother...

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Smart parenting, safer kids

The current generation of parents grew up in a time that they reminisce about as having greater freedom than they allow their own children. It’s ironic really – as in other ways children today have been exposed at a much younger age...

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Toilet training bladders

Some wee myths busted

MYTH: Children should empty their bladder “just in case” to avoid accidents. FACT: By doing so, their bladder is never filling up, so the bladder - essentially a balloon-shaped muscle - is never working to full capacity.

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