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Raising kids


I won’t tell you again!

“I won’t tell you again!” “I mean it this time!” “When I say no, I mean NO.” These are typical battle cries of the beleaguered parent faced with mutiny in the ranks. Dr John Irvine offers help.

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Jacqui taylor conference wide

International Congress for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect 2016

By Jacqui Taylor, Rainbow Station Early Education Centre, Casino, NSWAs National Winner of the 2015 Nestle Nan Toddler Early Childhood Director of the Year in the Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards, Jacqui received a professional development grant which took her all the way to Calgary, Canada. Child protection has always been a passion

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Kids Stuff - book reviews

Latest children's picture and chapter book releases.

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Life with Autism

Here’s the thing about autism – it’s like an uninvited guest you have to pander to, put up with, be a yes-person to, and find a way to get along with.

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Maths matters

To follow a recipe, do the shopping, manage a budget or even understand a bill, we need numerical skills.

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Mums and sons

Society is quick to judge sole parents, especially women raising boys. But what do boys themselves say? According to the research, boys from a single-parent background were four times more likely to abuse drugs than boys who had two parents at home.

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National Families Week

Stronger families, stronger communities...

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Girl in tree cropped

Nature cures for kids

What's so important about nature?

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Night nasties

It is a rare child who never experiences any fear about sleeping alone, bedtime, the dark or imaginary monsters. Most kids will need some help navigating their way through childhood and the issues around sleeping...

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Nobody likes me

It’s a heart breaking scenario. A woebegone child stands at the periphery of a happily playing group of children. Desperate to belong but doesn’t know how. Or your child comes home and says ‘Nobody likes me. I haven’t got anyone to play with.’

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