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Raising kids

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A night at the Shangri-La

It’s a night our 2012 Award winners will never forget. Along with the overflowing champagne, lots of laughter, and dancing up a storm, we paid tribute to some remarkable people for their role in looking after the most precious things in our lives – our children.

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Avoid the angry trap

Anger can make us shout. Anger can make us mean. Anger can make us do things we will regret. Most family members will get angry with each other at times. It’s part of living alongside each other.

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Bullying advice

Dear Dr John - Recently I caught your segment on Channel 10’s ‘9 am with David and Kim’. I thought that what you had to say on bullying was great, especially your advice to child victims that you counsel on how to arm the victim and disarm the bully (or words to that effect).

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Calming separation tears

Calming separation tears

Advice fron Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson

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Discipline revisited

We introduced Dr Louise Porter in our last issue to help parents with one of their biggest worries – using effective discipline to teach children how to manage their emotions and gain self control. Her guidance approach is an...

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Eq not iq

EQ not IQ

How emotions impact on family life

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Family Day Care

Not just child's play

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First among equals

Winners of the 2014 Australian Family Early Education & Care Awards

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Get your green on

10 fun & easy ways to prescribe green time

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Grand expectations

Grand Expectations

With Australian grandparents providing more care for grandchildren than ever, it’s no surprise they are feeling the crunch. 

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