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Cultures & traditions


Birthday cake

My mother and I are locked in grave discussion. It has nothing to do with teachers' strikes or the growing hole in the Ozone Layer. It has everything to do with my three-year-old's birthday cake...

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Charity’s Child

Nurturing and encouraging the spirit of giving in your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Giving isn’t just about digging deep for a cause – it’s offering a much-loved toy to a needy child, it’s giving of your time to bake for an elderly neighbour, it’s indulging in random acts of kindness that make your heart sing, and put a smile on the face of someone you’ve never met.

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Good lying

Three o’clock in the morning and I’ve broken into a cold sweat. My heart is pumping. I’m feeling decidedly seedy. It can’t have been the garlic prawns at the country pub – and the two champagnes I quaffed were...

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Grand expectations

Grand Expectations

With Australian grandparents providing more care for grandchildren than ever, it’s no surprise they are feeling the crunch. 

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Street signs directions

The great Aussie holiday

With some of the most breathtaking holiday spots in the world right on our doorstep, is it time to reclaim the great Australian holiday? Remember holidays with the family when you were a kid? It was all about late night card games, caravan parks and long car trips.

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The mother tongue

Now more than ever before seems the right time for Australian children to learn a second language. Suzanne Sage looks into the world of bilingualism.Whilst Australia remains geographically isolated from other countries, continual...

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Traditions: creating identity

A husband was watching his wife prepare a leg of lamb one day. She used a meat-saw to cut off several inches from the shank bone. When she finished, he asked...

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Treacherous toyland

When I was little my mother gave me some simple advice on how to be an exemplary birthday-present recipient. The instructions were...

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