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2-4-6…9 The maths roadblock

There’s nothing worse than that helpless feeling you have as a parent when your child feels that they are no good at something and you struggle to convince them otherwise. This is all the more frustrating when they are in the early years of primary school...

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Let’s talk about sex

In a sexed up world of in-your-face images, how and when do parents talk to their kids about sex in a kid-friendly way? I dropped in on a friend unexpectedly for a quick coffee and was pounced on at the door. ‘I was just going...

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Maths matters

To follow a recipe, do the shopping, manage a budget or even understand a bill, we need numerical skills.

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Positive psychology in schools

Traditionally, the focus in children’s education has been on academic achievement. With the increased concern surrounding the mental health and wellbeing of today’s youth, a new movement has started to emerge, that of Positive Education. Suzanne Sage looks into this important development for Australian children.

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Prepping for school

Ideas to help parents, too! 

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School daze

The books are covered, the shoes are scuffed and the novelty of their new teacher and classmates has worn off. Sally Morrell talks about staying on track once the school year has kicked off...

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Shop Smart for Back-to-school costs & save

Here is a detailed outline of Australian Scholarships Group’s (ASG’s) recommended steps to smart shopping to save . . .

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Smooth the school year start.

The school year for 2011 is just about over, and one group of Australian children have had a taste of the next 13 years! Those children are the group aged five years who have been involved in transition to school days...

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The debate about homework

Homework is a regular part of most school-aged children’s lives for many years. Some love it and look for more; others dissolve into tears at the mere thought of it. Whichever way your child approaches their homework...

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Natural stone used for stairs

The state of play

Australian children do not play in outdoor play spaces as much as they used to in generations past. Not only that, but many who work with children are concerned that the quality of interaction children have with the outdoors is also decreasing.

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