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A night at the Shangri-La

It’s a night our 2012 Award winners will never forget. Along with the overflowing champagne, lots of laughter, and dancing up a storm, we paid tribute to some remarkable people for their role in looking after the most precious things in our lives – our children.

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Campbelltown olp

Campbelltown Preschool Outdoor Learning Project

We belong It’s widely understood that a sense of belonging to our families, groups and communities is fundamental to a human’s wellbeing.  When we feel we belong, we do better in all aspects of life. Early childhood professionals understand a child’s need to belong. But just how does ‘belonging’ look in an early childhood service? 

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Compare Child Care at a Glance

Understanding the different forms of early childhood education and care available can be a bit daunting. We've designed this checklist to help you make sense of it all!

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Family Day Care

Not just child's play

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Programming in Family Day Care

Every educator has a different programming style.  Here, Janina Busch discusses programming for family day care.

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Quality child care - 5 key areas of importance

In recent years the number of children attending care outside their home has increased dramatically. The Australian Bureau of Statistics records that in 2008 ...

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Revisiting the 2013 Early Education & Care Awards!

Each year Australian Family recognises exemplary Early Years Educators.

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Joondalup mudpatch cropped

The Mudpatch Metaphor

We interview Josique Lynch, 2016 Early Childhood Director of the Year

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Transition to school

Starting primary school is an important milestone in a child’s development according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS), with a positive experience producing long-term benefits for future learning and relationships. While we parents might think that our child has made it through the first day of school successfully, transition is an ongoing process that starts

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What to expect from long day care

Long day care is not just 'babysitting'.

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