Digital world

Growing up in a Digital World

Our literate world is moving quickly from page to screen

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Ot and writing

Handwriting - a basic skill

But does your child struggle?

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Kids Stuff - book reviews

Latest children's picture and chapter book releases.

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Let’s get reading!

It's National Literacy and Numeracy week. Here's a way to enjoy reading books together from Story Box Library - a new website launching soon.

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Little Artists

For parents who worry about the amount of time even young children spend glued to a computer screen, this book is the answer. One of the reasons children love computers so much is that they have no fear about using applications...

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Making sense of early literacy

“I’m going to read this to Tania now,” says Sarah, just five years old, and proudly wanting to read a simple book to her younger sister. Sarah began prep this year and already her emerging literacy is opening up new worlds for her.

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Manners new

Manners, what manners?

One of the challenges of teaching modern day manners is the rapidly changing world we live in, but manners by their very nature are fluid, and adapt to the times.

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Of tablets and touchscreens

Excessive screen time has been shown to decrease fitness and increase cholesterol and obesity levels in childhood and into adulthood.

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Mr croc

Picture & Chapter Books

Picture and chapter books for kids. Great books for the little ones and early readers!

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Picture books on war for children

A list of excellent children's books that will help parents and educators broach the sensitive subject of war honestly and age appropriately.

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