Maths small

2-4-6…9 The maths roadblock

There’s nothing worse than that helpless feeling you have as a parent when your child feels that they are no good at something and you struggle to convince them otherwise. This is all the more frustrating when they are in the early years of primary school...

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Penny saved

A Penny Saved

While the idea of teaching kids the value of a dollar is hardly a new concept, in the fast-paced disposable world that we now live in, it can seem more of a complex and contradictory notion than in years gone by.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Peter never stops. He fiddles, he tampers, he teases, he demands, he interrupts, he’s impulsive, he’s impatient, he risks, he ransacks, and his school reports are a disaster. Yet despite all this, he loves everybody and never...

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Book of the year 2013

Book of the Year winners 2013 announced! Presented by the Children's Book Council of Australia.

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Campbelltown olp

Campbelltown Preschool Outdoor Learning Project

We belong It’s widely understood that a sense of belonging to our families, groups and communities is fundamental to a human’s wellbeing.  When we feel we belong, we do better in all aspects of life. Early childhood professionals understand a child’s need to belong. But just how does ‘belonging’ look in an early childhood service? 

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Cheerleader pom poms

Cheer on your favourite team

Here’s a fun activity for children, making pom poms in their team colours!

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Mr-huff-anna-walker (1).jpg

Children’s Book Week 2016

2016 Children's Books of the Year announced

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Children’s Summer Reading Guide

10 books to entertain children from 1-10 years

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Do you know how much screen time your children get per day?

Once upon a time it was just the amount of television viewing that parents had to worry about - now it’s the total screen time. Screen time is defined as the time kids (or adults) spend in front of a screen of some sort - watching television, DVDs or videos, playing play station...

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Eq not iq

EQ not IQ

How emotions impact on family life

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