Bed wetting checklist

If your child is aged over 6 and still regularly bed wetting, then it is important to visit your doctor. This checklist is designed to help you to assess your child's condition before the visit...

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Caught short

The other day I asked my seven-year-old son Josh if he remembered anything at all about the home we rented when he was two. Like the blue soldier tapestry that hung over his bed. The revolving rainbow lamp that cast pretty shadows on the wall at night. Teddy. “The crack in the toilet seat,” he replied.

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Children and chores

‘Mum, if I wash the car will you give me money?’ ‘No darling, you should help around the house without expecting payment.  After all, you live here too.’  Sound familiar? Sally Morrell looks at ways that parents can encourage their ...

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Comforting obsessions

Babies and toddlers’ attachments to dummies, blankets and special toys have saved the sanity of many a frazzled parent, but is it a case of short term gain, long term pain? All babies cry. Even the healthiest, most content child will need comforting and soothing sometime during the day or night.

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Reclaim the night

There were three in the bed and the little one said ‘Roll over, roll over’, and mum said ‘Get back in your own bed!’ In your dreams, Mum. It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and the little one is just not budging! So how do you get them to stay put?...

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Risky business

Life is full of risks - as adults we know it, but as parents we often try to avoid our children facing potential danger. It’s a natural reaction, but it isn’t always what’s best for our kids. So how do we determine what aspects of childhood we should relax about, and when we should let our protective instincts take hold?

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Sex and the kiddy

At the risk of offending my wonderful mother, I have to admit that my sex education was, er, lacking. At the age of 12, I was given a slim pink book with a perky ponytailed girl on the front. It was called You’re a Young Lady Now and gave the bare essentials about periods and pads.

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According to parenting expert, Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution, a child aged between 18 months to two years requires an average night time sleep of between 11-12 hours. They also should have one or two daytime naps of up to an extra two and a half hours.

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Toilet training bladders

Some wee myths busted

MYTH: Children should empty their bladder “just in case” to avoid accidents. FACT: By doing so, their bladder is never filling up, so the bladder - essentially a balloon-shaped muscle - is never working to full capacity.

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Toilet troubles

You’ve dumped the dummy and booted the bottle. Only the nappies to go and your little one is well on the way to growing up. So why is toilet training a major issue for some families? Denise had had one of those days…well…weeks really.

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