After the disaster

Australia is a country of extremes and emergencies. But what about after the shouting has died down? Rebecca Tucker talks about how parents can reassure fearful children.

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Avoid the angry trap

Anger can make us shout. Anger can make us mean. Anger can make us do things we will regret. Most family members will get angry with each other at times. It’s part of living alongside each other.

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Babicare – boosting parent-child well being

Babicare - an app to promote attachment through play

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Body image: too much, too soon

Making little adults out of little kids seems to be the latest pot of gold for fashion designers cashing in on the ‘tweens’ – the years between age 8 to 14.

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Calming separation tears

Calming separation tears

Advice fron Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson

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Eq not iq

EQ not IQ

How emotions impact on family life

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Hair horrors

What do you do when a minor confrontation with your child blows up in your face? Recently my four-year-old daughter asked me to brush her hair. Usually this is a ritual that we both enjoy but this particular day had been windy and her hair was knottier than usual. Of course the hair and brush wouldn’t co-operate!

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Heading to hospital

It’s a telephone call that is made several times a week from school to parent – Johnny has hurt himself in the schoolyard scrum. Statistics from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne show approximately 26,000 children are treated there every year.

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Let’s talk about sex

In a sexed up world of in-your-face images, how and when do parents talk to their kids about sex in a kid-friendly way? I dropped in on a friend unexpectedly for a quick coffee and was pounced on at the door. ‘I was just going...

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Moving house with children

Our family has a pastime of ‘looking at houses’ – a phrase that, for our children at least, conjures up hideous visions of hours of boredom in the car – each house inspected holding the potential to uproot everything they hold near and dear...

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