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Dr John Irvine


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Peter never stops. He fiddles, he tampers, he teases, he demands, he interrupts, he’s impulsive, he’s impatient, he risks, he ransacks, and his school reports are a disaster. Yet despite all this, he loves everybody and never...

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Be-twitched and be-tween

Dear Dr John,I’ve tried to be a with-it nanna but I’m not sure I want to be with what’s happening to our young girls today. My granddaughter, Hannah, is age 10 and in year 5 but has been giving my son...

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Bully for you

No-one likes a bully – not even the bully themselves. These kids usually have low self-esteem and want nothing more than to fit in but don’t know how. Dr John Irvine talks about how to help bullies and their victims.

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Bullying advice

Dear Dr John - Recently I caught your segment on Channel 10’s ‘9 am with David and Kim’. I thought that what you had to say on bullying was great, especially your advice to child victims that you counsel on how to arm the victim and disarm the bully (or words to that effect).

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Dress defiance

I have a fairly determined three-year-old daughter, especially in the matter of dressing! If I manage to dress her, she won’t keep the clothes on and runs around in her singlet. And she refuses to wear jackets or jumpers, even if it is 5 degrees and raining outside!

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Family flash points

Mum was furious. No matter how many times she reminded her kids, nothing changed. At one stage she yelled out, “How many times have I told you kids to come inside?” Back came a giggled “17” from the young offenders.

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Hair horrors

What do you do when a minor confrontation with your child blows up in your face? Recently my four-year-old daughter asked me to brush her hair. Usually this is a ritual that we both enjoy but this particular day had been windy and her hair was knottier than usual. Of course the hair and brush wouldn’t co-operate!

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I won’t tell you again!

“I won’t tell you again!” “I mean it this time!” “When I say no, I mean NO.” These are typical battle cries of the beleaguered parent faced with mutiny in the ranks. Dr John Irvine offers help.

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Liar liar….pants on fire!

How many parents could stand up and say their child has never told a lie? Not many we suspect!  But don’t worry – it’s quite normal.  Dr John Irvine, well known child psychologist, author, public speaker and father of three, gives us some useful advice about childhood lying.

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My seven-year-old seems to have picked up the habit of lying. Even when I ask him a simple question, such as, ‘Have you cleaned your teeth?’, his immediate reaction is to tell a fib! What can I say or do to help him to realise that honesty is the best policy? 

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