Is my baby okay?

Today’s parents expect a trouble-free pregnancy and delivery, yet that doesn’t always happen.  A moving account by Bruce Atherton of his first-born’s story...

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Life with Autism

Here’s the thing about autism – it’s like an uninvited guest you have to pander to, put up with, be a yes-person to, and find a way to get along with.

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OT for Children

Occupational therapy for children is about play

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Child teddy hospital

Special kids

Parenting children is difficult enough. Raising a child with a progressive, life-threatening illness can have a devastating impact on a family.

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The eczema enigma

Australia has one of the highest incidences of eczema worldwide, and managing eczema to prevent constant flare-ups can cost up to $2,000 a year. But because eczema is not considered to be life threatening...

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Teddy on toilet

To hold or not to hold

Healthy bladder and bowel habits start early.

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Little-boy-with-his-tummy-aching-action cropped

Toilet tactics for school children

A new resource to help parents and teachers prevent "accidents'.

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Under-the-knife  one-childs-hand-put-on-drips-and-one adult-hand-clasping-each-other-on-hospital-bed

Under the knife

As five-year-old Lachlan was being wheeled into surgery to have his tonsils removed, he looked up at his father, his big blue eyes brimming with tears. After battling recurring sore throats and infections for years, the doctors decided Lachlan’s tonsils had to go.

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Toilet map image

Where to go when you’ve gotta’ go!

Thanks to the National Public Toilet Map (the Toilet Map) Australians can find the location of more than 16,000 public and private toilets around the country.

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