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Avoid the angry trap

Anger can make us shout. Anger can make us mean. Anger can make us do things we will regret. Most family members will get angry with each other at times. It’s part of living alongside each other.

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Cyber safety

It’s a connected world. Australia is well known as a nation of early adopters when it comes to communication gadgets and tools, and recent research by Telstra with 1250 parents of school aged children confirms this trend...

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Digital world

Growing up in a Digital World

Our literate world is moving quickly from page to screen

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Kids Stuff - book reviews

Latest children's picture and chapter book releases.

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Kids tin cans cropped

Language for Lifelong Success

We might not think about speech and language development until a toddler seems slower to speak than others, but all children benefit from a proactive approach.

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Marte Meo - a tool for best parenting

What is Marte Meo? (from Latin : ‘on one’s own strength’) Marte Meo was devised in Holland by specialist educator Maria Aarts more than twenty years ago. As a form of therapy for babies, children and adolescents it has become the primary form...

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My best friend

Are you part of a close-knit group of friends? Perhaps your circle is one you’ve belonged to since school or university, or does it centre around your workplace? Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who met their best friend...

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Nobody likes me

It’s a heart breaking scenario. A woebegone child stands at the periphery of a happily playing group of children. Desperate to belong but doesn’t know how. Or your child comes home and says ‘Nobody likes me. I haven’t got anyone to play with.’

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Sibling squabbling

Our 6 year old daughter seems to have got a bit too big for her boots. She’s nearly at the end of her first year at school and has lately adopted what I can only describe as ‘attitude’ – answering back, challenging our authority and ‘getting in the face’ of her 8 year old brother...

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Street signs directions

The great Aussie holiday

With some of the most breathtaking holiday spots in the world right on our doorstep, is it time to reclaim the great Australian holiday? Remember holidays with the family when you were a kid? It was all about late night card games, caravan parks and long car trips.

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