Risky business

Life is full of risks - as adults we know it, but as parents we often try to avoid our children facing potential danger. It’s a natural reaction, but it isn’t always what’s best for our kids. So how do we determine what aspects of childhood we should relax about, and when we should let our protective instincts take hold?

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School daze

The books are covered, the shoes are scuffed and the novelty of their new teacher and classmates has worn off. Sally Morrell talks about staying on track once the school year has kicked off...

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Sibling anxiety

Sibling separation anxiety

My two girls are close in age, separated by less than 18 months. This year the oldest has started school and to our surprise her younger sister is not coping at all with the change, especially about going to day care by herself.

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According to parenting expert, Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution, a child aged between 18 months to two years requires an average night time sleep of between 11-12 hours. They also should have one or two daytime naps of up to an extra two and a half hours.

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Super nanny or super meanie?

Have parents really become clueless wimps who allow children to ride roughshod over them and dominate household affairs? Annette Binger polls the parenting experts...

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The discipline dance

Would you send your klutzy colleague to the naughty corner for spilling their coffee again? Or say, ‘Good boy, you can have a biscuit now that you’ve eaten your lunch?’ It sounds ridiculous but adults say and do this to children all the time...

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The Power of Choice

Would you like to get your kids to willingly cooperate? Stop the daily battles?  Teach your kids valuable life skills?...

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Natural stone used for stairs

The state of play

Australian children do not play in outdoor play spaces as much as they used to in generations past. Not only that, but many who work with children are concerned that the quality of interaction children have with the outdoors is also decreasing.

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Why kids lie

Nobody wants their child to lie but the truth is, just about every kid will tell porkies at some stage or another. So, what are the best and easiest ways to deal with it?    When do they start lying?...

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Win some, lose some

There is a lot to be learned from USA founding father, Thomas Jefferson who said, “In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current.”

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