I won’t tell you again!

“I won’t tell you again!” “I mean it this time!” “When I say no, I mean NO.” These are typical battle cries of the beleaguered parent faced with mutiny in the ranks. Dr John Irvine offers help.

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Life with Autism

Here’s the thing about autism – it’s like an uninvited guest you have to pander to, put up with, be a yes-person to, and find a way to get along with.

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Kids running 1

Making Friends

Are you part of a close-knit group of friends? Perhaps your circle is one you’ve belonged to since school or university, or does it centre around your workplace?

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Manners new

Manners, what manners?

One of the challenges of teaching modern day manners is the rapidly changing world we live in, but manners by their very nature are fluid, and adapt to the times.

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Mummy - I’m scared!

Irrational fears and phobias in children are more common than parents realise. Just as they can dream up superheroes, they can also dream up super monsters. Child psychologist Dr John Irvine explains. Can you remember back to when you were a kid?

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Safespotpic small

New safety product

New safety product - the Safe Spot Sticker is designed to show your child where to safely stand when entering or exiting the car. 

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Nobody likes me

It’s a heart breaking scenario. A woebegone child stands at the periphery of a happily playing group of children. Desperate to belong but doesn’t know how. Or your child comes home and says ‘Nobody likes me. I haven’t got anyone to play with.’

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Of tablets and touchscreens

Excessive screen time has been shown to decrease fitness and increase cholesterol and obesity levels in childhood and into adulthood.

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OT for Children

Occupational therapy for children is about play

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Parenting … do you need a degree?

“You should only have as many kids as car windows”, said Irma Bombeck. Failing that, parenting courses are often the next best option...

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