Autism spectrum disorders

There are many disabilities affecting children and adults that are not obvious. Autism, which affects up to 31,500 children and 100,000 adults in Australia*, is one of them...

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Avoid the angry trap

Anger can make us shout. Anger can make us mean. Anger can make us do things we will regret. Most family members will get angry with each other at times. It’s part of living alongside each other.

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Body image: too much, too soon

Making little adults out of little kids seems to be the latest pot of gold for fashion designers cashing in on the ‘tweens’ – the years between age 8 to 14.

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Boy talk

My father likes to tell the story of how he snapped a kitchen knife in two, buttering toast as he waited for me to come into the world. This was in the days when men stayed at home reading Tractor News Weekly...

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Bullying advice

Dear Dr John - Recently I caught your segment on Channel 10’s ‘9 am with David and Kim’. I thought that what you had to say on bullying was great, especially your advice to child victims that you counsel on how to arm the victim and disarm the bully (or words to that effect).

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Resources for parents concerned about bullying

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Children and chores

‘Mum, if I wash the car will you give me money?’ ‘No darling, you should help around the house without expecting payment.  After all, you live here too.’  Sound familiar? Sally Morrell looks at ways that parents can encourage their ...

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Discipline revisited

We introduced Dr Louise Porter in our last issue to help parents with one of their biggest worries – using effective discipline to teach children how to manage their emotions and gain self control. Her guidance approach is an...

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Dress defiance

I have a fairly determined three-year-old daughter, especially in the matter of dressing! If I manage to dress her, she won’t keep the clothes on and runs around in her singlet. And she refuses to wear jackets or jumpers, even if it is 5 degrees and raining outside!

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From top to toe - a guide to cleaner kids

At some point when you weren’t paying attention, your beautiful baby with his wonderful baby smell morphed into the average grubby toddler, a drop-in centre for any passing germ and their mate...

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