Where to Begin

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Early Childhood Care A-Z - Glossary of Terms

Whether you're new to early childhood education and care or an old hand, keeping up-to-date with all the names, terms and acronyms can be difficult. This list of the more common terms may help!

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If Something Goes Wrong

The uncertainty and worry surrounding putting your child into someone else's care can all be distilled to this one important question "Will my child be safe and happy?".  There is much that parents can do to make sure their child is receiving the best possible care, in the safest possible environment.

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Navigating the first weeks in child care

With good preparation and communication, leaving your child at day care for the first time can run smoothly.

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Preparing for Child Care

Things to consider when looking for early years care.

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Top Questions to Ask Before Starting Child Care

8 top questions for new parents to ask when they are searching for the right early childhood service for their child.

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