Play and Learning

Mmm outside after

Before and After at Milly Molly Mandy’s

The introduction of the National Quality Framework has seen many early years services around Australia making changes to ensure they meet the new strict quality standards.  For Milly Molly Mandy's in Brookton, WA this meant making changes to both the indoor and outdoor environments to maximise learning opportunities for children.

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Campbelltown olp

Campbelltown Preschool Outdoor Learning Project

We belong It’s widely understood that a sense of belonging to our families, groups and communities is fundamental to a human’s wellbeing.  When we feel we belong, we do better in all aspects of life. Early childhood professionals understand a child’s need to belong. But just how does ‘belonging’ look in an early childhood service? 

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Children love to work and play

Small children want to be part of your world. For them, work is every bit as much fun as play if they are given the chance to do it. The best way to encourage your child to try new skills is to demonstrate precisely and...

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Farm box

It’s child’s play

In these screen-dominated times, it’s more important than ever that as parents we make a conscious more

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Boy with blocks cropped

Learning through play

Early childhood is considered a time of wonder and exploration.

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Of tablets and touchscreens

Excessive screen time has been shown to decrease fitness and increase cholesterol and obesity levels in childhood and into adulthood.

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Planning for play

No playground upgrade is simple. Bulimba Child Care Centre in Brisbane used a team approach to win through to an outstanding contemporary outdoor play space.


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Risky business

Life is full of risks - as adults we know it, but as parents we often try to avoid our children facing potential danger. It’s a natural reaction, but it isn’t always what’s best for our kids. So how do we determine what aspects of childhood we should relax about, and when we should let our protective instincts take hold?

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The great outdoors and preschoolers

Internationally and in Australia, early years services have recognised the importance and impact of re-introducing nature into children’s lives. The bush kinder and forest kinder movements are being actively incorporated as part of the learning programs offered in early years services, kindergartens and preschools.

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Natural stone used for stairs

The state of play

Australian children do not play in outdoor play spaces as much as they used to in generations past. Not only that, but many who work with children are concerned that the quality of interaction children have with the outdoors is also decreasing.

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