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While the benefits of owning a pet are well documented, when it’s time to book a family holiday, what do you do about the four-legged members of the family? 

pug dogDo you:

a)      try and sneak them in to a holiday let and hope for the best?

b)      book them into expensive kennels and catteries at anywhere around $30 a day?

c)       or trust friends, family or strangers to dog and cat-sit?!

Stayz has the answer with the “hire” of Australia’s first canine holiday home reviewers, Frank, and pals Rocky, and Misty the cat have been busy putting Stayz’s top pet-friendly properties to the test. No one is leaving these little guys behind at home - they've been “hired” to head up ‘Pawz’, a new division dedicated to ensuring the nation’s seven million pet dogs and cats have nothing but a ‘pawesome’ experience.

According to recently commissioned research by Stayz, one in four Australians consider their pets as important as their children with close to half the nation (45%) wanting the furry friends to join in on family holiday fun. However, pets are often left at home with their tails between their legs with a majority (58%) deeming domestic holiday accommodation as unsuitable for four legged creatures.    

Dr. Katrina Warren, celebrity veterinarian and pet travel expert, says, “Our pets play such an important role in the family dynamic but they’re often left out when it comes to holidays. Owners often worry that accommodation isn’t appropriate, or has strict no-pet policies in place. That’s where holiday rentals are different; they allow the whole family to enjoy a break together

Working with his team of four-legged friends; Rocky the Border Collie and Misty the British Short Hair cat, Frank has been scouring a selection of Stayz properties to ensure key criteria is met:

  • Spaciousness – both inside and outside the homes e.g. are there multiple rooms to play in and outdoor spaces to stretch those four legs?
  • Cooking facilities – availability of features like BBQs. A dog’s got to eat.
  • Comfort – not just any doggie bed will do.
  • Relaxation – after a long day of holiday fun, is there a big enough bath to unwind in with a nice bowl of milk.
Frank and Rocky investigate

Stayz Marketing Director, David Dunstan says, “At Stayz, we’re proud to be able to offer thousands of unique pet friendly holiday rentals across Australia, these homes provide the flexibility that families are after and allow for a memorable holiday experience for the whole family.”

Frank, Rocky and Misty will be busy reviewing the thousands of pet friendly properties for Stayz.

To keep up to date with their latest reviews visithttp://www.stayz.com.au/StayzPawz.

Stayz’s Top 5 pet-friendly properties

Dr. Katrina Warren

Dr. Katrina Warren is a veterinarian who first appeared on our television screens in 1994 as a presenter on the Ten Network children’s show, Totally Wild. She then went on to co-host the Seven Network’s hit television show, Harry’s Practice and became a household name for promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Dr. Katrina is passionate about helping people enhance the special bond that is shared with pets, whether it be choosing the right pet for their lifestyle, solving behavioural issues or providing basic health advice.

Dr. Katrina’s top tips for travelling with pets

For families or young couples looking to travel with pets, Dr. Katrina Warren has offered her top tips to make traveling with pets a breeze.

1. Travel with home comforts for your pets such as their own bed, toys or favourite treats to help them settle into their holiday home quickly.

2. Never leave an animal inside a closed vehicle even on mild days; to be on the safe side keep a window open.

2. On arrival, spend a little time walking your dog on a lead around the various rooms and outdoor spaces while you explore the new area. They’ll soon become comfortable with their new surroundings.

3. Before you leave home, check that your pet’s microchip details are up to date and they are wearing an ID tag with a contact number to ensure you’re swiftly reunited in case they go walkies.

4. If you are travelling to a coastal destination, phone ahead to the local vet at your destination and ask if paralysis ticks are prevalent in the area. Paralysis ticks are deadly and you need to start preventative treatment prior to departing for your holiday.

5. Australian road rules vary but generally state that animals must be adequately restrained in a car for the safety of both humans and animals (check your state motor organisation). However, it's safest to have cats and small dogs confined in a crate and large dogs harnessed. This prevents them from becoming flying missiles, should you have an accident.

About Stayz

Launching in 2001, Stayz has over 45,000 properties in 2,000 locations across Australia. Currently Australia’s number one holiday rental group, the website allows travellers to search and compare a huge variety of amazing holiday homes to ensure a unique and memorable accommodation experience for their next holiday. Since late 2013, Stayz has been owned and operated by HomeAway Inc, the global leader in online holiday rentals.

Stayz has robust safety measures in place and a dedicated trust and security team, but they always strongly encourage travellers and property owners, throughout the booking and payment process, to remain vigilant when online.