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Early Education and Care Awards

Yuki Takahashi AA A

2016 Springfree Trampoline Early Childhood Educator of the Year

Yuki Takahashi-Braybrook is an educator at Devonshire Street Early Learning, New South Wales

Yuki Takahashi

Yuki is passionate about the learning community that her centre has developed with the children, their families and the local and broader community. As a centre the children, parents and staff learn together. 

Yuki recently identified the need for children in her centre to become more independent and successfully embarked on a project as an instigator of change. This involved facilitating a number of transformative changes: a cultural change of mind-set for staff and parents to view children as capable of making decisions and regulating their emotions and behaviour; and also changes to the daily routines and curriculum, to promote initiative and collaborative learning.

Through frequent visits to the post-office, library, park and parent’s work places, Yuki has developed strong connections for her centre with the local community, and is also developing children’s sense of belonging to the broader community through a focus upon charity and building connections.

Yuki wants to learn more about advocating for those whose voices are not heard including children aged 0-2 years, the aboriginal community and early childhood educators. She is extremely determined and has benefited from having a wonderful mentor and in turn would like to help others grow too. Yuki has a vision for creating an Early Childhood Hub, a local network to enable mentoring, where she can share her knowledge and educators can learn from one another. 

Yuki highly values her Japanese culture and is forming education connections in Japan where she has given presentations about her experiences as an early childhood educator. Yuki plans to complete her Masters in Leadership and aspires to some day become an education lecturer.

As the National Winner of the Springfree Trampoline Early Childhood Educator of the Year award, Yuki receives a $5000 Professional Development Grant from Springfree plus $4000 in training from RTO One World for Children. She has used part of her Grant to attend the 2016 ECA Conference in Darwin this October.