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The Joey Club Brisbane AA A

2016 Early Childhood Service of the Year

The Joey Club Brisbane is a KU Children's Services centre located at Brisbane Airport, Queensland

The Joey Club

The Joey Club proudly adopts a Reggio Emilia approach to supporting children’s learning and development and view ‘children as protagonists of their own learning’.

In supporting children’s interests and to engage them in valuable, investigative learning, they recently participated in a transformative project: an Artist in Residence program.

his program involved an array of foci including experimentation with colour mixing and explosions, exploring the effects of light (in a theatrical space) and making the familiar unfamiliar through the use of a microscopic camera to investigate detail and scale.

Through this engagement with high quality materials and digital media children learned in a play-based environment and developed their capacity as inquiry learners.

The Joey Club held an ‘Open House’ and shared their ideas with other educators and will soon present their experiences and findings at a conference. They now want to expand the artist in residence project for the benefit of younger children (infants and toddlers) and to engage in further action research to develop teacher resources.

The Joey Club values research and have been recently working on adopting what they call ‘Slow Pedagogy’ which involves an emphasis upon carving out time for professional dialogue amongst staff, to engage in reflection about what they have learned and to envision ideas for the future. An important theme that underpins their work is that ‘Children are Competent’.

As the National Winner of Early Childhood Service of the Year award, the Joey Club receives a $5000 Professional Development grant plus $4000 in training from RTO One World for Children.