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Early Education and Care Awards

Benjamin Kikkert AA A

2016 Educational Experience National Rising Star

Benjamin Kikkert is an educator at Discovery Early Learning Centre Sacred Heart, Tasmania

Benjamin Kikkert

Benjamin strives to address children’s individual learning needs and learned the difference between equity and equality by working with children.

He views every part of the day as a learning experience and provides a welcoming environment and creates learning opportunities based on the children’s interests. Benjamin serves as a positive male role-model and builds a rapport with children supporting them to identify and manage their emotions and helping them to express their feelings in socially appropriate ways, in this way ensuring that they feel safe, secure and supported.

Ben has worked in early childhood for 18 months and aspires to continue with further studies in early years education and care.

He also plans to attend early childhood conferences and the World Forum with a particular interest in learning more about gender issues and equality for men in early childhood education.

Benjamin has embarked upon his career with a view to leaving a living legacy by making a positive impact upon people’s lives. He would like society to become more aware of the value and importance of the work that educators do and hopes in the future that childcare could be funded for equal access for everyone.

Benjamin believes that the most powerful gift you can give someone is knowledge. He views children as competent, as contributors and creators of learning and that the role of the educator is to help them explore and expand their capabilities.

As the National Winner of the Educational Experience Rising Star Award, Benjamin receives a $5000 Professional Development grant from Community Child Care Co-operative plus $4000 in training from RTO One World for Children.