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Judging Process

A rigorous judging process is followed to ensure only the most highly deserving nominees are awarded.

The Judging Process

1. Nominations Period: 22.11.17 - 11.03.18
Every nomination form is read and assessed by representatives of the Australian Early Education and Care Awards.

2. Submissions entered: 19.03.18 - 08.04.18
All nominees are invited to submit further information.  This includes a personal profile (contact details, qualifications, experience) and a personal/nominee submission (answers to specific judging questions).

3. Finalists announced:  30.04.18
Nominee submissions are assessed by representatives of the Australian Early Education and Care Awards. Finalists are selected and their nomination, personal profile and nominee submission are forwarded to the Judging Panel. Finalists will be announced by 30th April 2017.

4. State Winners* announced: 21.05.18
Finalists are assessed by the Judging Panel.  Judges will read the Submission materials provided by the Finalists and the original Nomination(s) for each Finalist.  Finalists will be scored based on a strict set of criteria.  The 5 State Winners in each category of Educator of the Year, Director of the Year and Service of the Year are selected along with the 3 National Finalists in the Rising Star Award category.  All Finalists will be contacted to be advised of the outcome by 21st May 2018.  Those selected as State Winners or National Finalists will be invited to attend the Gala Conference and Celebration in Sydney on 14-15 June 2017.

5. National Winners selected: 14.06.18
State Winners and Rising Star National Finalists are then invited to make a presentation in person to members of the Judging Panel and National Winners are selected.

6. National Winners announced: 15.06.18
One National Winner in each category will be announced at the Awards Gala on 15th June 2017.

*State Winners - One State Winner per state/territory group will be selected in each category of Early Childhood Educator of the Year, Early Childhood Service of the Year and Early Childhood Director of the Year. There are five state groups, hence there will be a total of 15 State Winners.

State/Territory Groups are: NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS, SA/NT, WA and QLD.

In the category of Rising Star, three National Finalists are selected from amongst the Finalists irrespective of their State/Territory; no State Winners are selected in this category.