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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to common questions.

For Nominators

When do nominations open and close?
Nominations open 22nd Nov 2017 and close midnight 11th March 2018.

Can I nominate someone?
As long as you are over 18 and an Australian resident you can nominate someone.

Who can I nominate?
You can nominate any Australian children's service worker or early childhood educator for an award. Both qualified and unqualified carers and directors in the community, private or family day care sectors are eligible.
You can also nominate any Australian approved children's service provider for an award in the Early Childhood Service of the Year category. This includes long day care centres, family day care schemes, occasional care centres, crèches, kindergartens, preschools and outside school hours care.
For further details see 'Eligibility - Nominees'.

Can I nominate more than one person?
You can nominate as many carers, educators or directors as you believe deserve an award.
If you want to nominate a group of carers working together, you can nominate them for a team award - the Early Childhood Service of the Year.

Can I nominate myself?
Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Can I nominate a relative, spouse or partner?
Yes, if they meet the eligibility requirements.

How do I know which category to nominate someone in?
Generally, only directors of children's services, head teachers of kindergartens or preschools or coordinators/managers of family day care schemes are eligible for the Director of the Year Award.
Nominations in the Rising Star category in 2018 are limited to educators/carers who have been working in the early years sector for less than five years as at 15.06.18.
All other individual carers and educators should be entered in the Early Childhood Educator of the Year category.
Groups of carers who work together should be entered in the Early Childhood Service of the Year Award.

See Choosing the right form for more details.

Where can I get a nomination form?
Complete a nomination online here.

Or download the appropriate nomination form below:

  • Individual Awards (PDF)
  • Team/Group Awards (PDF)

Do I have to answer all the questions on the nomination form?
All questions are compulsory except for the "Testimonial/References section" which are optional.

See Tips for completing the nomination form for more details.

What if I want to provide more information to support my nomination?
You may attach up to 2 x A4 pages to support your nomination, including photos, a written testimonial or reference for your nominee written by someone other than you who knows the nominee well. Please do NOT attach more than two pages – extra pages cannot be considered.

What is the deadline to send in a nomination?
Nominations close 11.59pm on 11th March 2018.

What is the judging process?

  1. Every nomination form is read and assessed by representatives of the Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards.
  2. Every nominee will receive a confirmation email and will be invited to submit a personal profile and a personal submission.
  3. These nominee submissions are assessed by representatives of the Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards and Finalists are selected.
  4. These Finalists are assessed by the Judging Panel, and the State Winners are selected.
  5. State Winners are then invited to attend an interview with members of the Judging Panel and National Winners are selected.

For more details see Judging & Criteria.

What are the prizes?

Every nominee will receive a certificate of congratulations*.
State Winners will be invited to attend the Awards celebration in Sydney including airfares, transfers, meals, accommodation for two nights, professional development training, cocktail reception, Gala Awards Ceremony and a day spa treatment.
Additional prizes and professional development grants will also be awarded to State and National Winners. For details see Prizes.
* Please note that name and address details used to print and post certificates are based on the information provided on the nomination form and we cannot guarantee certificates will be received by the nominee if such information is incorrect or incomplete

When will the winners be announced?
State Winners will be personally contacted around 21 May 2018 and will then be announced in the media, on this website and on the Awards Facebook page. National Winners will be announced on 15th June 2018 at the Awards Ceremony and will then be made public in the media, on this website and on the Awards Facebook page.

For Nominees

How do I find out if I've been nominated?
Emails are sent to the email address provided on the nomination fom. As long as it the email address is correct, you should receive an email within moments of your nomination being entered online. If the email address appears to be incorrect, we will make every effort to contact you by phone or post.

What is a Nominee Submission?
A Nominee Submission is a form that nominees can complete to provide the judges more information about themselves.  See Nominee Submissions for more information about what's on the form.

Do I need to complete a Nominee Submission?
You only need to complete one if you wish to go into the judging rounds for an opportunity to receive an award.  Many nominees tell us the simple act of completing a submission is a great refelctive experience.  See the article So, you've been nominated for more information.

How do I access and complete a Nominee Submission?
Only nominees can access and complete a Nominee Submission. All nominees will be emailed a submission invitation with a personal link, username and password to access their submission form.  See the article So, you've been nominated for detailed information.

When is do Submissions open and close?
Submissions open 19th March 2018 and close midnight 8th April 2018.

What do I get judged on?
Judging of the Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards is very thorough. Set criteria for each category is available here.

Help!  I can't login!
Find your original submission invitation email (the first one you received), with your Username and Password.  Click the link in the email and when prompted enter the username and password provided in the email.  If that doesn't work, make a note of any error messages and contact us.