What is the Tooth Fairy paying in your house?

Submitted by PAUL C on October 09 2012 10:10 AM

After seeing many of his classmates gummy grins for most of the year, my five year old is finally one of the crowd with the loss of his first milk tooth.

After hanging on by literally a thread for weeks, it came out in the middle of the night during a family camping trip. “Mum, hold this” he whispered from his sleeping bag around 2.00am. “Ok, but let’s wait until we get home before we put this out for the tooth fairy” I mumbled. Clearly I wasn’t prepared to be playing tooth fairy in a tent.

He was so proud to be showing off his gap the next morning. I got talking to a few other mums and we were laughing at the how the cash rate has spiralled out of control on milk teeth. Apparently the tooth fairy is paying an average rate of $5 per tooth in 2012. That’s nearly double the price paid for silver of the same weight! It just doesn’t seem right to be giving paper money to kids for their teeth.

Back at home he washed his tooth and wrapped it into a silver box and placed it under a pillow. The next morning I was awoken by the sound of running feet and the toothless grin beaming as he rushed to show me his shiny two dollar coin left in the same silver box.

Two dollars was more than enough for my little guy. What do you give your kids for their milk teeth? What do they do with the money they receive?


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