Too Busy To Play

Submitted by PAUL C on March 05 2013 10:03 PM

With kids back at school and back into the terms activities, I sometimes wonder whether they are doing too much.

Both my sons attend three structured activities during the week. This is on top of school for my six year old and preschool for the three year old.

As we race around week after week, I wonder are all of these activities really necessary? Of course every kid in Australia has to learn to swim, but what of the other activities we enrol them in? Maybe coming home from school and playing outside, rather than rushing off to another commitment is better for them.

Are we becoming a generation that wants our kids to excel at everything from sport to music to art? Maybe making mudpies and daisy chains is just as good. 

What do you think? Are these activities good for our kids or do they just make us parents feel like we are giving them opportunities or skills we never had?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  


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