The Simple Things

Submitted by PAUL C on July 27 2012 09:07 AM

With the latest technology, amusement parks and entertainment venues, it’s easy to think our children need to have access to all of this to enjoy themselves. But do they really need it?

Our latest family adventure over the school holidays, a campervan trip, reinforced my thinking that kids of today do enjoy the simple things in life.  For more than one week, my boys were devoid of any toys, media, or electronic gadgets.  So too were my husband and I. 

No television, cinema, theme parks, computers, or mobile phone coverage.  None of us missed it - especially the kids.   They made do with what they had around them and took notice of all of the wonderful things that don’t require a battery, power point or lots of money.

It’s amazing the enjoyment kids can experience building things out of rocks, sticks, leaves and a piece of bark.  Or how many hours they will spend digging around in a pile of dirt or rock in an attempt to discover a precious fossil or shiny little gem. Throw in a few books, a simple swing, an old fashioned playground, an open fire with some marsh mellow toasting.  It’s kid paradise.

I’m not sure that they would be happy doing it for 365 days of the year. Not sure I would either, but it made me realise that gadgets, toys and theme parks aren’t necessary to make kids happy.  Time together as a family and enjoying simple things is just as special for a child.

Maybe I am fooling myself. Do you think kids of today are just like we were as kids, or do they expect a lot more than previous generations?  Are we spoiling them by trying to be the seemingly generous parents?


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