The Hand Signal

Submitted by PAUL C on February 21 2013 08:02 PM

There is a lot of talk about helicopter parenting and how we need to give children their independence and space to grow.

I hope that I am not quite a helicopter parent, but I sometimes do struggle with knowing when is the right time to let my six year old do things on his own.

School is six kilometres away and the buses aren’t that great around our area, so I do drop him off and pick him up every day.  In his kinder/prep year I got a kiss every time he went off to his classroom, but this week I got the hand. "No kissing Mum – I am in Year 1 now"  he said.

I didn’t think I would be at this stage just yet.  But that’s the funny thing when you are a parent, learning to stand back when kids take the lead.

This week there is another thing I have to relax on – letting him go in another parent’s car for a play date.  I am not quite ready for that either, but there are times when you have to trust other parents, particularly the ones that you know.

What do you think?  Are you relaxed or a ‘little stressed’ by some of these things when it comes to your young ones?  


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