Swimming Carnival Fun

Submitted by PAUL C on March 13 2012 09:03 AM

February not only sees the start of school but also the annual school swimming carnival. I didn’t expect to be off to my son’s swimming carnival in his first year but I am glad the young kids were included.

Of course some parents were hesitant, but most were happy the five year olds were part of the carnival. Not only do they get a chance to participate, but it is a lovely way to spend half a day so early in the school year.

For some kids, mine included, it was his first trip on the school bus. He was very excited and it was the first time since school began that he was hurrying me out the door.  What a change.

By the time I arrived at the local pool, all the little ones were in their swimmers slapping sunscreen all over their bodies. My son even had his goggles on. Never mind they were fully fogged from the heat and humidity.  Eventually they moved them through line by line toward the pool edge . . . 

In rows of eight they jumped in to paddle across the pool.  Teachers and helpers were in the pool, ensuring each child made it across safely.  Some didn’t even have to swim, they just relaxed, limbs motionless, as they were glided across the surface. 

Not having moved much for his first splash across the pool, my son was keen to jump back in.  This time he kicked and splashed his way down the 25 metre pool. Phew, seems he did learn something during the last five years at swimming lessons!

I didn’t expect or want anything more than for him to have fun.  There wasn’t a huge deal made about who came first or last.  It was great to see every child have a go.

Life shouldn’t be too serious at five. Sure as they get older things will no doubt get a little more competitive. But what a nice change to focus on enjoyment and inclusion rather than who came first or who is best.

They left as they came, back on the bus and to school for no doubt a quiet afternoon.  Congratulations to the teachers who supervised and swam with 56 five year old children.  Keeping my eye on two kids in the water is hard enough!


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