Surviving the First Weeks of ‘Big’ School

Submitted by PAUL C on March 07 2012 09:03 AM

The shoes have been polished and the uniform washed and ironed many times. My five year old has just started school.  Everything is enormous, his hat, his school shoes and his ridiculously large back pack. No wonder they call it ‘big school’. Yes, I understand that millions of kids before him have all started school and survived, but this is my little boy – my first son is off into the big wide world.

Those first few days were emotional, but I didn’t cry. I held back for a number of reasons. Firstly I was a big sook when I started school many years ago. I cried, well more like sobbed, every single day for that first year. I really didn’t want to re-live that particular childhood experience. Secondly, I had an embarrassingly teary farewell on his last day at pre-school. Finally and most importantly, I didn’t want to transfer my anxious feelings onto him.  I thought, if I appear controlled and confident, he might too. . . .

There hasn’t been one tear between us these past few weeks. But those first days, it felt like eternity until pick up at 3.00pm. Of course I have my toddler (who can’t keep the smile off his face since he is now the centre of attention) to keep me busy.  However, some days, I can’t help but clock-watch from midday on.  Husband thinks I am insane.  “He’ll be fine” he says adding “are you going to be like this for the next 12 years of his school life?”. “Of course I’m not” I scoff. (Hmm – well I hope not!).

He has been fine and is happy to go most days.  However, he was genuinely shocked when he found out he would still be going when he turned six.  He tells me it’s all “work, work, work’.  Seems colouring in and such activities are pretty hard work these days.  He thinks going to school four days and relaxing three days would be a much better system. I couldn’t agree more.

So how about you and your kids – how have they survived the first few weeks of big school?


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