Product Review: Wisetalk for Families

Submitted by PAUL C on May 22 2012 09:05 AM

After my blog a few weeks ago on kids and secrets, Jennifer, the editor of Australian Family Magazine pointed to a product that can help families get better connected. 

It’s called Wisetalk for Families and it is a tool for parents and a simple game for kids.  Each box contains 26 doubled-sided alphabet tokens and a book of topics that relate to each token.

It only takes a few minutes to ‘play’ and helps to discuss some important issues with your child. It covers a wide variety of subjects from anger through to respect, pain and lying and much more. . .

So I tried it with my five year old.  He selected an alphabet token and using the book as a reference, I spoke with him about my experiences with that particular topic and he told me his. He didn’t mind it at all – even though he realised pretty quickly there was no winner or loser with this game.

This month Australian Family is giving away one copy of Wise Talk to Families for the best blog comment.  Please take 5 minutes during your busy week to share your parenting experiences on any of the given topics.  For your chance to win you will need to include your Australian Family website username at the end of your comment. If you don't have a username - you can get one here - it's free and easy to register!

There is more information about Wise Talk on the Australian Family website under the products page.


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