Nasty Winter Bugs

Submitted by PAUL C on May 29 2012 09:05 AM

There is only one thing worse than having your kids sick with a nasty tummy bug.  That’s catching it from them.

My five year old came home from school last week, and whilst quizzing him on why the majority of his lunchbox was uneaten, he turned green and emptied the entire contents of his stomach on the kitchen floor.

>What started that afternoon didn’t stop all week.  The 2 ½ year old followed a day later.  It was a constant cycle of changing sheets, washing, drying, wiping, moping, spraying and empting buckets.

Despite the vigilant hand washing, it wasn’t long until I too was turning my own shade of green. Of course when these things happen, my husband always manages to be away with work commitments. . .

So after pulling two all nighters (the first on the bedroom floor holding the bucket for little one and the second managing my own all-night tummy exorcism), I was more than ready to pull the sheets over my head and stay in bed.

As we Mums know, that is impossible when you have two sick kids to care for.  So instead, the three of us curled up on the lounge under our blankets, each with our own buckets.  

There was no one to call in for reinforcement. Who would want to come over and risk catching this nasty bug?

As the days passed, the episodes decreased and slowly we emerged from our body beating.  We’ve started this week feeling much better than last and we’re even game to eat again.

My tip for Mums out there whose children may also bring this little gem home from school; stock up on buckets, Hydralyte iceblocks, plastic sheeting and search for a GP that does house calls. 

Do you have any other tips for surviving the Winter nasties?


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