Nappy Free Household

Submitted by PAUL C on October 26 2012 10:10 AM

It’s official – there are no babies in my household! My youngest son is out of nappies and is officially a big boy.

It’s been a month or two now and it feels so good to be avoiding the nappy aisle in the supermarket. Not to mention never having to change a wriggling and sometimes smelly person ever again.

There is a lot to celebrate once your child passes the nappy wearing stage, however, I must admit I do have a little twinge of sadness.

Not because I want to be changing nappies forever, but it is a sign that this little person is not so little any more. It is one of many milestones children reach as they move toward being more independent and self sufficient.

I guess like many mothers I am wondering where the baby years have gone. One day you bring them home from hospital and the next they are ready for their first day at preschool.

So while I am glad to be washing a pair of underpants instead of cleaning up yet another toxic-smelling package, I am hoping the next few years don’t go as fast as the first few.

Do you have the same feelings as your kids grow out of the baby stages? Or are you glad to be leaving that all behind?


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